Maintain your natural health and beauty between visits with the premium product lines we use at the spa. Talk to us about what's best for your unique needs.


Dermalogica® is the #1 professional skincare brand worldwide. The best of science and nature combined, Dermalogica® is not about fancy packaging or false promises — just results! Results are guaranteed when prescribed by a professional skin therapist at Innova. All of our product lines are free of artificial fragrances and colours, SD alcohol, lanolin and mineral oils. Dermalogica® is cruelty free and sustainably sourced, proudly tested on Americans not animals.

Continuously leading in ground-breaking skin technology, Dermalogica® products contain high concentrations of active ingredients, botanicals and vitamins which work on a cellular level. The advanced formulas transform the structure and function of your skin for maximum results and skin health. Our highly concentrated formulas last much longer than regular products, so your investment in great skin doesn't break the bank.



Radiant, healthy skin takes time, prep and good nutrients to feed it. Reach new levels of youthfulness with the premium Vitamin A based STEP-UP SYSTEM products in the Youth Essentia and Skin Essentia ranges from Environ. Beautiful, radiant, healthy looking skin has the right levels of Vitamin A. Without it, your skin will be dehydrated, lack tone, have uneven pigment and can become problematic in terms of breakouts, due to improper cell functioning.

Environ looks at skin from the cellular level to determine and treat skin at its most basic level. Vitamin A is the great cell function normaliser and appropriate levels of it in your skin, in the form of retinyl palmitate, actually act as a natural SPF of 20. It also stabilises melanocytes, the tiny structures that create our skin's natural pigment. As we age and get UV damage, our skin sometimes develops dark spots, or 'age spots'. These are caused by melanocytes that have begun to overproduce melanin because of UV radiation damage. The good news is that topical applications of Vitamin A containing products can and do restore these cells to proper functioning and the dark spots begin to fade away!

Combined with micro-needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy), the powerful combination of essential nutrients, anti-oxidants and peptides contained in both the Youth Essentia and Skin Essentia ranges, can penetrate further into your skin, optimising your body's ability to feed, repair and correct the imbalances that have resulted over time.

We are so excited to offer the Environ line of products and treatments at Innova Spa, and have all seen noticeable changes in our skin. Each one of our staff has a unique skin type, condition and set of challenges. We would love to share our experience of this incredible line with you!


Bend Beauty

Marine Collagen + Co-Factors (Coconut, Strawberry or Unflavoured)

Collagen: the Beauty Protein

In the body, collagen is the primary 'structural protein', however, due to its importance to skin, we also refer to it as the 'beauty protein'. In healthy skin, collagen is abundant. It is responsible for giving your skin structure, firmness, and elasticity.

Collagen Decline and Damage

Collagen production starts declining in your 20's. Age-related decline in collagen production is met with yet another problem. Collagen is constantly under attack by free radicals which damage and weaken the collagen matrix. The decline in collagen production along with the increase in collagen damage results in significant changes in the skin: fine lines, furrows, roughness, and wrinkles. When consumed orally, collagen peptides are absorbed into the bloodstream and reach the dermis where they stimulate the production of collagen.

Renew + Protect (Liquid)

Unlock your skin's potential with the award-winning Renew + Protect (Liquid). Featuring six active ingredients working to optimize skin health and longevity. Just 4 softgels or 1 tsp. daily provides benefits including increased skin resistance to UV-induced sunburn as well as improved skin hydration, elasticity and firmness. It also helps reduce skin roughness and redness and provides antioxidants for overall skin health. Renew + Protect is the ideal foundational product for your best skincare regimen.


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jane iredale – Beauty with Brilliance™

For more than 20 years, jane iredale — THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP™ has been using innovative formulas comprising advanced technology, science and nature to achieve a look, feel, efficacy and shade range that sets it apart from other makeup. Used by women in more than 50 countries, jane iredale is the makeup of choice for beauty professionals and makeup aficionados worldwide.



A range of clean beauty products formulated from the bounty of nature. Working with family-run farms in Colombia our ingredients are grown through biodynamic gardening processes to grow the plants and flowers organically. We believe nature offers the best solutions to every beauty and wellness need.


Advanced Nutrition Programme™

Advanced Nutrition Programme skincare supplements are designed to complement your professional skincare treatments and home care regime. Significant improvements have been seen in skin conditions such as dryness, sensitivity, excess oiliness, congestion and the signs of premature aging with these targeted skin supplements.



Long lashes and full brows, naturally.

EyEnvy® Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum — to enhance your natural beauty and deliver wink ready, longer, thicker, healthier, and more dramatic lashes and brows. EyEnvy® Mascara and Brow Pencils also contain the active serum ingredients to keep nourishing brows and lashes all day long!



Gehwol® footcare products were created by Dr. Eduard Gerlach, a German doctor, and have been in use worldwide for decades. Their original application was for soldiers during war, when they had to wear the same footwear through varied and difficult environments that resulted in infections and medical conditions requiring treatment.

Rosemary, lavender and mountain pine are the basis for the therapeutic, anti-fungal essential oil blend that give this line its signature fresh, invigorating scent while protecting and strengthening the skin and nails of the feet.



Allpresan Podoexpert Lipid Foam Creams by Allpremed are based on innovative BarrioExpert LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology. An integral component of this patented technology is skin-related lipids, which fit perfectly into the damaged skin barrier like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, facilitating rapid repair and sustainable regeneration. The skin barrier is thus strengthened and protected.



These products are some of the richest, thickest treatment creams available for use in Calgary's extreme weather. These are great when you feel dehydrated from the summer heat, but where they really shine is in the dry, cold winter. Chapped lips are GONE! Dry winter skin is BANISHED!



A unique selection of products based on the nourishing elements of honey. Rich, moisturizing shampoo, luxurious, hydrating body lotion, emollient lip balm and therapeutic joint and muscle ache remedy for full body treatment.